Yahoo Mobile OS?- A Student’s 5 Cents Plan For #Yahoo

I never though I would be a critic for a company I admire. But this writing is just to let you know about your improvement, still I love the days we spent with Yahoo Messenger. You introduced the world with chat, we will never forget 🙂 It was more fun to video call someone than today’s Skype because in 1990’s and early 2000’s we never thought that a video call can done. Today we expect more than a lot. You gave us the joy and excitement by being one of the first introduce-rs of web services and communication in the history of computers. Let’s give it a try to gain that honor again.

How can Yahoo bet on a mobile operating system?

An introduction to it’s mammoth competitors

Google grew a lot since the adoption of Android in the main stream mobile operating system market. Does not matter whether the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ship their mobile devices with how many useful apps, they have remain at the back seat to compete with Google services. Example: just compare the apps which came loaded on your Samsung Android phone with the Google ones, which is better? This is when you have an android phone, you search -> you use Google, you write email -> you use Gmail, you mark a date -> you use Google Calendar, you install an app -> you use Play Store, you play videos -> you use YouTube. These listed services are the ones which are main stream which almost every Android user is using. Holy Cow! how can someone be so dependent on Google. Google started ruling the web services even more stronger. Welcome to Google, Android is theirs and rule it.

We should not forget that their other competitor Microsoft in the mobile Operating system has a similar strategy. Bing search, Cortona, Store, Groove music……and bla bla. Remember, without the entry of Microsoft into the OS market, they felt like empty from within but now things have changed for them.

Sorry I won’t list Apple iOS, because their users hardly switch to other things. They can if you come with a better design of device.


The acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft and Motorola by Google was a wise man’s move. They knew, mobile is future. The point here to be noted is that to be a big player, one needs to have an influence in the mainstream mobile market. Today, Yahoo is not even a choice, but feels like a struggling third party web services provider. So, rule a mobile OS, and you have the capability to rule their users.


So my dear Yahoo, why you don’t create a mobile OS?

  1. You don’t need to create one, may be just collaborate with Mozilla mobile OS. Purchase the rights and brand it under your name. Hire a top team of developers, people from Mozilla are great too. Develop it and give it a boom! If you don’t want to work with Mozilla, then develop from Linux kernel.
  2. You can bring back the lost BlackBerry company into the game. Make an acquisition. Bring back the people who left the company due to lay over. Motivate them. In this way you mutually benefit each other.
  3. Make a few teams for development, one for OS, one for mobile apps, one for maintaining contracts, one for QA/QT, one for UX, one for design etc.
  4. You can partner with mobile makers like Samsung, HTC to launch new phones with their OS inside. Advertise it like a teaser on the TVs. Wow!
  5. Bring people from design background to work for you, and leave them to design phones in collaboration with the phone makers.
  6. You can integrate Yahoo Mail app as compared to Gmail and Outlook.
  7. You can integrate Flickr deeply with the OS.
  8. You can integrate Yahoo Search fully into it,
  9. You can integrate your calendar as an app
  10. you can integrate News App,
  11. Make a few other apps like calculator, gallery, message
  12. Try to bring back the Yahoo Maps. Nokia was the provider. Choose from other private data vendors.
  13. you can integrate Yahoo Videos App to allow the users an opportunity an alternative to YouTube (to make it grow fast, collaborate with telecommunication providers to make it free to use without any data charges, otherwise I can’t see a good way to make the users use your Yahoo video app),
  14. You also need to compete with the entertainment services being provided on online stores, so make one where your users can find games, apps, movies, shows and music at fingertips.
  15. you don’t need to create a new browser, Mozilla with a customized one under your brand name would work good. Otherwise buy Opera.
  16. for music, buy rights for music distribution for 20 genre from over a decade. Give it free for a year. After than $1 per month.
  17. most important factor, an app store, what? BUILD IT. Let the developers build through flexible languages like HTML5, CSS3, JS.
  18. To attract developers, throw a developer program membership free of cost, and develop some strategy to keep them there. May be some candies.

So, now Yahoo has control over the device, and thus the user.

Here are some improvements which Yahoo can make for their existing apps on Android and Google Chrome.

Don’ts for the Apps

  1. You are pretty famous with your Aviate launcher for Android. Really? How many people are complaining that you redirect the search queries from search box to your search engine without letting the users know of the change in search engine. More cleverly, you are not displaying the caption ‘results from Yahoo”. So clever guys!
  2. Your Extension for Google Chrome looks fantastic with broad random wallpapers fetched from Flickr when a new tab is opened. But guess what you don’t respect for people’s choice. Again you did the same mistake as you did in the aviate launcher. You are forwarding the search queries to their search engines with letting them know. This is something like “You have to use our services”. Please monitor the feedback about the extension. Now I think, you have dismissed this extension from the Google store.
  3. Your Yahoo Mail Notification Extension does the same thing. It changes the search engine without the user’s knowledge. This is not acceptable Yahoo. You have to understand Google has affected people mind’s in such a way that they have become USED TO and ADDICTED to use their services.


Never push hard to catch four things in life: girls, recruiters, bus and the audience.  If you do, you lose them. Dear Yahoo, It’s alas to say that you are pushing hard, really hard to get back your lost audience which in result has made the condition ever WORSE.


Do’s for the Apps

  1. First of all, let the people free and give them choice what they want to do. On a high priority, please remove all the re-directs to your search engine. You might redirect few hundred thousands of users but not millions. You have to understand that a lot will uninstall your app on the spot some will never return back to use your services. This is very dangerous in business.
  2. Listen to what your people are saying on the feedbacks and develop on their feedbacks. Because that is something they WANT.
  3. Improving your UX strategies and functionalities.


It would be an honor for me to see Yahoo regain back it’s values back!

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Credits to writing ideas from LinkedIn “Yahoo’s board is debating its future. What should the next move be for #Yahoo?”

An article by Anvar Jamal Saifi, An Undergraduate Student at A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technological University, India

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