New to LinkedIn? 7 Small Steps To Find Recruiters

Suppose you need to find an internship or a job in San Francisco, United States or Berlin, Germany or even Delhi, India and you want to contact potential recruiters. Here is how to do the same in a few simple steps. (For this you need to use a computer or if you are on a mobile phone, please use the desktop version of the website on your browser).

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
  2. Type “recruiter” in the search bar and press enter.
  3. Now you have the list of all the profiles on LinkedIn having the keyword “recruiter” in their title or profile.
  4. Now it’s time to filter (separation of results) the results according to our requirements. There should be a left pane on the search results page which has all the options like first name, last name, title, keywords, etc.
  5. If you would like to search recruiter from a specific company, look on your left pane and type the name of the company in the ‘company’ option.
  6. If you would like to search for recruiters in the San Francisco area, again look on the options on the left and click on add on the location option. Then type the name of the location you would like to search in. Remember to check the location name is ticked right to enable.
  7. Now you should have the list of people having the keyword “recruiter” in San Francisco area which means you have list of recruiters in that area.



1. What is the difference between ‘Company’, ‘Current Company’, and ‘Past Company’? – The results while using the ‘company’ option include both past and present companies of the people. Whereas the ‘Current Company’ option lists only their current company. Do I still need to explain about Past Company ­čÖé You can use these options to see if there is someone from your company and this might turn the things easy.

2. If you get a lot of results, filter more or use more options from the left pane. This will happen if you are searching for profiles in the technology centers. To filter more, you can choose the industry type you would like to search in. Industry does not reflect the job nature. A person working in Human Resources industry does not mean that he/she is a recruiter, it’s just the industry.

3. If you get less results than expected, then try to use less filters and try to change the main keyword from “recruiter” to “HR” or “Human Resources”.

4. You can use other options like ‘school’ if you want to see the people which have gone to that school. You can enter your own to see if someone from your school is the recruiter you are searching for.

5. You can use the group option to see if they belong to a special group.

6. You can use the relationship option if you want to see the results from your own directory. 2nd connection means that your existing connection in your network can introduce you to the connection. Group members option shows the results of people which are in any of your group.

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