Let’s Make LinkedIn A Place Better Today. How?

What the heck is ‘going on’ with LinkedIn. You might be thinking the same way. Let me remind you it’s us who developed LinkedIn, it’s us who made it the world’s #1 professional network, it’s us who made it great, and now when it is going through tough times, it’s our responsibility to make it successful. Let’s see how we can contribute:


  1. Try not to post selfies. If you want, please go to your Facebook. I am sure you would get more likes and shares.
  2. Try not to think LinkedIn connections as your customers. If you do, please revise your marketing plan.
  3. Try to have decent profile photos- which shows your personality in a professional world not your personal one. Though, we understand your hairs look good, your outfits are awesome etc. but still LinkedIn should be what it is for.
  4.  Try not to share articles which are not related to professional lives, office, jobs, experience, skills, industries etc. If you do have articles or news which are not professional, please share them on Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc.
  5. Try not to comment or discuss personal views on terrorism and politics. I have seen professionals turning into debaters which might hurt the others. Businesses run on relations, hurt someone and might lose your next $1M seeding or even your customers. Try it yourself, go to your investor’s profile or customer’s profile  or employee profile, and say loudly I like Donald Trump because he hates Mexicans. haha. Then see the magic.
  6. Don’t create posts which are made barely for sales pitch. When you create a post, all the connections in your network are notified. Indeed, you are grabbing the attention but you are spoiling your future chances of getting the good things noticed!
  7. Don’t make fake profiles just for publicity. Job candidates are prone to fake recruiter profiles.

Some people are already discussing about the failure of LinkedIn. LinkedIn critics- please keep your astrology for the ‘Microsoft- LinkedIn collaboration’ at your own place, if LinkedIn fails! It would be failure of people not LinkedIn itself.


Enjoy the weekend!