#BREXIT: What It Might Mean For International Students And Job Seekers

UK was the first country I travelled in my life, I have some special values attached to it. So, it makes a legit reason to write for #brexit. Welcome, my name is Jamal, I am a student. One of the most important and controversial achievements of the EU was the establishment of the principle of free movement among EU countries. A citizen of one EU country has an unfettered right to live and work anywhere in the EU. Both Britons and foreigners have taken advantage of this opportunity.

How UK and member states collaborated with each other in EU?

Currently there are about 1.2 million Brits living in other EU countries, while about 3 million non-British EU nationals live in Britain. Thanks to EU rules, they were able to move across the English Channel with a minimum of paperwork. Britain’s exit from the EU could change that profoundly.

It’s possible, of course, that Britain could negotiate a new treaty with the EU that continues to allow free movement between the UK and the EU. But resentment of EU immigrants — especially from poorer, economically struggling countries like Poland and Lithuania — was a key force driving support for #Brexit. So the British government will be under immense pressure to refuse to continue the current arrangement.

At a minimum, that would mean that people moving to or from Britain would need to worry about passports and residency rules. And it could mean that some British immigrants may lose their right to continue living and working in the UK and be deported.- source: vox.com

What’s the current status?

Still, as of now, 26 June 2016, people from the European Union don’t need a visa to work and travel in the United Kingdom. Why? See this screenshot from the official UK Visa website.

This is an example I got for Germany.

This is an example I got for Poland.

But, as the website was last updated on 20th June, it’s difficult to see what’s going to the next step 🙁 f you would like to check for your own nationality you can go to https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa and select your country.

The #Brexit can also affect thousands and thousands of students coming from the EU for an internship. The worst situation would be that they would have to apply for full paper work like if they are originating from an alien country. Not just the paper work, it might also include capping, quota for countries. This reminds of the paper work I had to do for getting a Business Visitor visa for the U from India.

So, if you are still planning to do your dream internship or work in the UK, It would be a nice idea to go for it soon because:

  1. You might face less documentation vs long/biased documentation (specially for poorer EU countries/ Eastern European countries) after the tight immigration rules are sanctioned
  2. British employers would fear to bring candidates from the EU due to high visa permit costs, paper works, associated liabilities and responsibilities.
  3. The British government might give some relaxation to the existing working employees from the European union

Let’s say the UK imposes restriction/makes the process difficult on the immigration of EU people, still, we should be optimistic, because the British government would still be there to welcome us, it’s just the long paper work and policies. They never said “we won’t allow you”. Chill!



When I interned in Denmark in 2014, I wanted to travel to the UK. Since, I needed a visa and I was too lazy to apply for it, so I didn’t go. But now, my European friends might no more boast to travel the UK just by booking the travel tickets. This puts an Indian and a European both in the document queues 😀 Oops! well, it’s just a possibility.

But if this becomes true, I would feel sad for my European friends to have a feeling for being isolated from Loch Ness, Nessie Monster, Pink Sheeps, Long haired cows, Highlands, Distilleries, Big Ben, Wembley 🙁