7 Reasons Why People Are Saying A ‘NO’ To Ads And A ‘YES’ To Ad Blockers?

I thought about this for a while, like how can millions of people just turn the tables around and say no to ads or just block them. Let’s see. I got inspired into this niche through a company called Zentrick.

  1. I went back to time and saw that pop ups annoyed us a lot before the advancements in browsing technology or pop ups blocker, pop ups were also some kind of ads, and it became human psychology to avoid them.
  2. We wanted to earn a lot: by putting dozens of ads on a single webpage without caring about the end users. Today we realized that this was not really justified. Who were ‘we’ here, big businesses who were capable of flowing money for online advertisements.
  3. Unregulated online advertising industry: is there anyone out there who could regulate what type of ads we are showing or they are being supervised. Is there anyone to regulate what sort of compression technique I am using to compress my ads, where I am forwarding the users when they click on my ad, what kind of security protocol is given to them. The bad people took advantage and spoiled the ads business jeopardizing the advertisement industry.
  4. We are failing to match up with ads relevancy to the user behavior or we are failing to know what kinds of ads the user will like: a lot of times, we are being watched the ads which are not relevant to us or inappropriate. This include top big players, Google and Facebook too. This suggests we need to improve our recommendation engines.
  5. Offline ads/marketing channels such as forced-selling, cold calling, interruptions to customers, insisting on sales, to sell the products is something related to marketing but general public takes all this as advertisements creating a low reputation for the overall advertising industry including online one which also grinds good players inside it.
  6. A lot of ads being un-optimized takes good space in the memory (RAM) creating issue for low-end smartphones and computers, ads utilize precious bandwidth to load images and the content, ads cover up the whole screen. We invented the fluid and responsive web design for websites, It would be much better to also scale our advertisement as a lot of them covers up the whole screen. We also need to improve the User Experience for the ads online, it’s not always a good idea to throw some shiny/glittering text or images at the corner and wait for the prey to get caught.
  7. Lack of education and safety: people are not well aware what kinds of ads are safe to visit and what not. In a lot of negative cases, there have been security thefts, threats, hacks and privacy issues etc. but who is to suffer, the good and new players in the advertisement and marketing industry. Research shows that we today are more conscious about our privacy than before due to increasing crimes.

We have a saying in India that “one bad fish can┬ápollute the whole pond”. This case is similar to this only where some bad online advertising players created bad ads which polluted people’s computers and mobile devices and these good people invented ad-blockers. – Necessity is the mother of invention here + creating a pain for good advertising players!

Please share what do you think about the increasing trend of using ads/popups blockers.