How To Check The SEO Rank Of Your WordPress Posts & Pages?

I used to track the rank of my posts/pages I SEOed (search engine optimized) by going to Google ( or or etc depending upon the location focussed), entering the keyword and counting the rank. But is it a good practice? Yes, this manual practice is good if you want to tracks several ranks. But what we are lacking here?

We just have to make sure that we are in incognito mode which tracking the ranks. It’s because Google might influence the SERP (search engine results page) while we are logged in to present relevant results based on our previous searches and behavior.


chrome incognito mode
Go to incognito mode. For Chrome, press Control + Shift + N homepage in incognito
Go to or Google Search of the locationwhere you want to track the rank on. For example: for India


google chrome incognito
Type the keyword you want to track the rank for.


anvar jamal keyword on chrome incognito
Now count the rank.


Tip: if you are tired of skipping pages and pages to check the rank, you can ask Google to show more results on a page. Here is how to do it.


google chrome incognito tool icon
Click on the tool icon


Click on Search Settings


Choose the never show Instant Results option and drag the Results per Page slider to 100 or whatever you want.


Save results and you would get a notification like this.


Now you would be redirected to the search with 100 results per page. Easy right? 😀


Hope this helps!