Decoding The Las Vegas Tourism & What It Might Mean For Your Travel Business

Las Vegas is a heaven for entertainment opening never-closing ways to do business. But doing the same on some smart and proven statistics might be a good idea. By researching some statistics from Las Vegas Convention & Visitor Authority, I was able found some good information which I thought might be useful for your travel business or tour and travel agency, travel coupons or package. This can be used for developing deal packages, marketing point of view and targeting potential visitors etc. The data below is for the year 2014.

Other meanings of this post:

  • What a travel business should know about Las Vegas?
  • How a tour agency can design a package for Vegas?
  • How a travel agency can boost sales and business in Las Vegas?
  • Where are your next potential visitors in Vegas?
  • How can statistics data help to know your Vegas visitors?


1.       81 percent visitors to Las Vegas  were from USA only.

a.       Western states were the leader as California accounted for 33 percent and Arizona for 14 percent and the remaining 30 percent were from eastern, southern, mid-western, and foreign. This gives us information that visitors from Western United States make more than one-half (53%) of the total visitors came to LV last year. So while creating a marketing campaign we should take this point into consideration. In result, if we would like to focus on non-international visitors, one should drive campaigns in Western US and specifically CA for sure.

2.       45 percent visitors went for a hotel bar or lounge, no cover.

a.       This can help in focusing on hotels-bars-lounges which don’t have cover fee. About half of the visitors are going to these kind of place which means it has some good potential.

3.       28 percent had a complaint that the trip was too short.

a.       This could help us in making deals longer than 3 nights stay. Most of the visitors stay 3 nights there and 28 percent compliant it to be short. Why not try to develop a deal which gives them more than expectation.

4.       61 percent didn’t attend any show (Among Those Who Attended No Shows – Asked Every Other Year) because they were busy or didn’t had enough time

a.       This shows us not to spent a lot of resources in convincing someone for a show.

5.       77 percent attended (Among Those Who Attended Some Form Of Entertainment) lounge acts and 34 percent attended production or Broadway shows.

a.       This might give an opportunity to invest resources or recommending places where lounge acts or production shows happen. Business collaboration with entertainment companies would be good deal.

6.       Just 7 percent visitors visited a spa.

a.       C’mon, it’s not Thailand. There are much more distractions that it here in Las Vegas.

7.       Just 2 percent played golf.

a.       Vegas is not about golf, stats proved. Move on.

8.       19 percent had been to paid attractions

a.       It’s might be good to offer visitors with some good deals on theme parks, water parks or roller coaster.

9.       88 percent visitors in 2013 gambled in The Strip Corridor, and 27 percent in Downtown.

a.       (Unless you are as good as 007 don’t play it. I don’t like the gambling and that should not be a reason to attract customers because practically it just fools people and put lives on risk. Companies should follow sustainable consumption.)

10.   Among spending visitors, the average trip shopping expenditure was $246.12, up significantly from $192.34 in 2010, and $211.73 in 2011.

a.       This means providing visitors with good shopping vouchers with some discounts will be a good idea.

11.   Among visitors who actually spent money in these categories, the average trip expenditure on food and drink in 2014 was $286.78, up significantly from $256.82 in 2010, $275.27 in 2011, and $266.13 in 2012. The average trip expenditure on local transportation for 2014 was $114.55, up significantly from $95.47 in 2010, $103.02 in 2011, $94.22 in 2012, and $107.26 last year.

a.       This means we have the ability to create a tour package with considering a good deal for food, transportation in mind.

12.   As in past years, the majority of visitors who stayed in a hotel or motel (73%, down significantly from 77% in 2010, but up from 71% each in 2012 and 2013) said two people stayed in their room.

a.       It means giving them hotel deals is a good idea specially for couples.

13.   Non-package hotel or motel lodgers were asked how they first found out about the room rate they paid. More than four in ten (42%) mentioned a website. Twenty percent (20%) said it was through a reservation agent or call center. Sixteen percent (16%) mentioned word-of-mouth, while 10% mentioned an Internet ad, 6% mentioned a travel agent.


14.   Majority of visitors fetched $51-100 for an average per night charge.

a.       So clearly, hotel/motel deals within this budget will get hit.

15.   Package purchasers were asked where they first heard about the package they bought, and nearly one-half (47%) said it was from a travel agent. Twenty percent (20%) mentioned a website, while 14% said an Internet ad, 9% said through word of mouth (up from 2010 –2013 results), and 5% said it was through a search engine result or a hyperlink.

a.       So clearly, these visitors trusted travel agents which is a good thing for your travel business.

16.   Amongst those staying in a hotel or motel, 18 percent or visitors purchased a package deal or were a part of a tour group.

a.       These is some hope for tour packages deal.

17.   More than six in ten (64%) of those who booked through a travel agent received a package rate, while 15% each received a regular rate or a special rate

a.       Good chances for packaged deals.

18.   37% people booked their hotel 15-30 days in advance.

a.       It means they start their search a month before.

19.    In terms of lodging location (among those who stayed overnight), 76% stayed in a property on the Strip Corridor.

a.       Research shown that people love the strip corridor a lot. So your tour agency should consider this part of LV blindly.

20.   Now whether to consider Hotel or a motel or a RV park: 94 percent visitors preferred hotel.

a.       Your travel business might just consider hotel only as apart of their tour package.

21.   Thirty percent (30%) of visitors arrived in Las Vegas on a weekend (down significantly from 32% in 2012), while 70% arrived on a weekday (up from 68% in 2012).

a.       Your travel agency might make deals for the weekdays.

22.   For how many nights does an average visitor stayed in LV? 3.3 nights

a.       Your travel business can consider creating packages with minimum of 3 nights and considering the growing demands, 4 night should be worth surprising.

23.   What other near by places they visited who planned to visit: 67 percent Grand Canyon, 51 percent Hoover Dam.

a.       Good deals having Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam can be a good tour attraction.

24.   Social media apps or website used to plan activities in Las Vegas, Facebook 51 percent, Twitter 34 percent, Google plus 24 percent and Trip Advisor 13 percent

a.       It means for Las Vegas, your travel business might put efforts on social media.

25.   Among those who booked their accommodations online for their current trip to Las Vegas, 41% said they used a hotel website and 14 percent used Expedia.

a.       It’s not good for tour operators because visitors are taking control of their accommodation by themselves.

26.   Among those who booked their transportation to Las Vegas online, two-thirds (66%) said they used an airline website, down significantly from 71% last year. Twelve percent (12%) said they used Expedia.

Collaborating with airlines should be a good ideas as most of the visitors are coming by air.

27.   Among those visitors who used a travel agent to plan their trip to Las Vegas 83% said the travel agent booked their accommodations (down significantly from 90% in 2010), while 87% said the travel agent booked their transportation (down significantly from 92% each in 2010 and 2012, and 96% in 2011). Seventy-nine percent (79%) of these visitors said their travel agent influenced their choice of accommodations in Las Vegas (up from 72% in 2012), while 9% said the travel agent influenced their choice of destination (up from 2010 – 2013 results).

a.       Huge business opportunities for your travel business.

28.   Sixteen percent (16%) of visitors reported using a travel agent to plan their trip to Las Vegas, up from 12% in 2010 and 13% each in 2011 and 2012

a.       Again, good sign.

29.   Most visitors decided where to stay before leaving home (98%, up from 97% each in 2010 and 2012)

a.       Good point to engage a stay package in every deal.

30.   Among repeat visitors, the average number of visits to Las Vegas during the past year was 1.8, down from 1.9 in 2011 (Figure 5). Sixty-four percent (64%) of repeat visitors reported visiting just once in the past year.

So, these 30 points might help you a bit in preparing or drafting your next travel package for Las Vegas. I did this research to impress a tour and travel company based in San Francisco for an internship. So, thought to share with the world. Thank you for reading.


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