My Interview @ Badger Maps


(Before the interview, I had already got in touch with my interviewer Steve Benson who is also the CEO on email multiple times and shared my digital marketing ideas/improvements which impressed him. So, this interview was more like a conversation than a testing scenario. Nevertheless, I was expecting this interview like a tech puzzle (like solve this code, what came before, an egg, or hen, how would you market this) which is usually a culture in San Francisco/Silicon valley based companies but what really happened amazed me! Let’s see.)

  1. Overall friendly process: He didn’t treat me like a very student but a person/candidate who can bring tremendous change to the company.
  2. Very positive attitude: that what you (interns) would do, would result in success and the ideas which I presented, he cared for them.
  3. The process was calm and relaxed, more like a conversation with a coffee.
  4. They want the interns to learn, get trained and contribute to the company.
  5. It was fun, Steve has a good sense of humour: we had some laughs in between while discussing some common trends about the tech companies around SIlicon Valley.
  6. He is also a good mentor, guide and teacher. This makes me feel that he would help train me for marketing skills and good future. Later, when I needed his advise to go for a marketing certification or not. He replied with a good explanation instead of common phrases like “if you feel, it can benefit us, go for it…” etc.
  7. They take interns seriously: Steve told me that the company would learn from you (intern), from your international experiences from India, Singapore and Denmark. This would help the company in localization in future.

Interview Questions

How did you come to know about us? 

I was doing research on the startups in Silicon Valley (SF) and came across your company. The idea impressed me, and I luckily had the chance to write to you and share my vision.

So, you went to Denmark for an internship?

Yes, I went to Denmark for an internship because I really wanted to get an international exposure. I like learning skills, culture abroad. After my second year of college, I started applying for an internship and got onboard with a web agency there in Denmark for 4 months.

I applied online. The process took 1 day and I got it 🙂