things i learned in my fellowship

  • Working with people who are ‘different’ from you

No two persons are same, they may be similar in context of thinking, approach and behavior. So, I worked in the fellowship with different people with different backgrounds like from management, electronics, computer science, IT, entrepreneurship etc. from institutions like IIT, FMS, JMIU, UPTU, IPU etc. This was the first time that I interacted with these kind of people so this gave me an opportunity to mix with them and share views. That was really a good experience and I learned to respect everyone’s opinion and reaching to a conclusion where everyone agree. In short I will say, “Working in a team is like being the foundation of a house being built.”

  • Just ‘developing’ is not everything

How will you feel if you prepare an apple pudding and leave it off in the balcony which was to be sell in the market. I came to realize that just developing a software is not enough, you should have the capability to excel in every phase like take an example of marketing. Marketing does not always means to sell in the market for money, but the things you are developing should reach the targeted customers for whom the product is intended. Today it’s better to have an overall ‘basic’ knowledge of how everything works but that may be a different thing we want to know it or not.

  • I learned from the MISTAKES !

Learning from mistakes give you the learning for lifetime. When computers can commit mistakes then why can’t we. I did too. For example: One day I was developing a module for the energy saving software and realized I have not properly tested it which led to  some ‘good’ problems later. From this mistake I learned that testing is the most important phase of software development because if this fails the people from the bottom of the ladder to its top fail. I also learned that we should not develop just for today but develop it in a fashion so that i could be upgraded in future.

  • Positive bond with team members

According to me, every person should have some volunteering capability which means you are ready to help them when they need you. Its like being selfless. There may come a time when you might also need some help and in that case you can ask from them without hesitation. I learned to be selfless because that gave me an opportunity to help others and made a positive bond with the team members.