How A Follow-Up Got Me An Internship in Singapore



This article is based on a real event and going to motivate you the importance of following up with people and the rewards for doing so.

The story revolves around a guy who is in his senior high school but dreams about jumping into the real world. Haha. Which world? The world where you can explore, you are a techie, you see skyscrapers, you meet with the best of the best, you see people dressed up in suits, and you see big cars. “Bro, that’s not so easy”? 😀 or was it? Let’s see.


It was a normal day, a normal morning, I snoozed the alarm several times, I went to the shower quickly, I walked a bit fast to catch my school bus, I saw the same students and people every day, I reached the school, I sucked at maths, grades, sports and almost everything. I didn’t talk to a lot of students because I was so bad at everything. haha.



After waiting for the school day to get spend, I would rush to the school bus and take a seat there. I was usually happy while returning back to my home. Sometimes I missed my bus stand as I had naps sometimes. I would walk to my home happily and surf the internet. Everywhere I go online, they talk about apps, startups, things, innovation, big cities, intelligent people, students, and then I used to think would I be something like them in future? Then I feel energetic for a moment and then it goes and goes like this in a circle for a number of days and months!


Now, one day something happens…………………………………………………….


One day I heard about this app called ‘WaveSecure‘. I am not sure, it was through a newspaper, or online or what. The year was 2010. It was an app to trace lost mobile phones and manage. I was like “really, can this app do it?” I installed it on my sister’s phone and used it for a while. I didn’t have my own phone unless I graduated from high school. I was totally impressed by that app because it actually worked. I tried to find their developers online and the people who developed it. I searched them on Facebook and happen to find the founder, Darius Cheung. Their story why they developed this app was based on real life event. I sent him a friend request and a message that I have some ideas to improve their product. I shared that with him. I shared my interest that I really want to be a part of their team. I think at that moment, things didn’t work pretty well because I was in my senior high school and I had no skills like software development apart from passion. They said “no”. I said “okay”.


I kept myself in touch with them and, tenCube (the company behind got acquired by McAfee in Aug 2010. Later on, Mcafee got acquired by Intel. That was a big news for them.


No matter what, I remained in touch with them and shared my ideas.

Now their team started working on a new project BillPin (an app for splitting bills). When these guys were working on BillPin, I again asked them for an internship.Again they said “no”. I said “okay”.


No matter what, I remained in touch with them and shared my ideas.

They started (room rental website in Singapore), I asked them for an internship again. They said “no”. I said “okay”.


No matter what, I remained in touch with them and shared my ideas.

They started (real estate website in Singapore). I again asked for an internship by writing this email.



His reply:



Seems like he was interested:



Yes, he was absolutely interested. He forwarded me to the Cheif Operations Officer, Yan.



Yes, he started working on my visa 😉



What was next?


Finally my visa got approved and I flew to Singapore for my internship. I enjoy my time there and killed my cravings for big buildings, cars, people suited in suits….. etc…..contd….All it took just 6 years 😉

Hi, I was Jamal and I came from a very small school, failed subjects, studied at an average college, failed subjects, never scored any good grades. Did that matter for me here? No, what mattered is the passion and patience! which reversed the game.

Chase opportunities……but with patience………….. and passion! Good luck guys!

Singapore was not the end……………..Be tuned!