my internship in Denmark: quick view

●the beginning
Since childhood, it was my dream to travel to the western world as I was really inspired by their culture and way of life. In my B.Tech IT third year, I applied for a summer internship abroad and I came across the company, Morning Train. I fell in love with it, contacted, and told them that I would like to work with them. That’s it. It was a startup, meaning big responsibilities to handle and that’s what I wanted.

●what kind of work i did?  we developed websites and customized web solutions for local customers and internal company projects. that was really fun to get stuck in problems, finding a solution and then celebrating by ‘hi fives’ which everyone can see 🙂 we worked on wordress, php, html, css, frameworks and mainly which included web development.

●how was the experience?
The experience was full of challenges from day 1 like handling the visa documentation, embassy officer, airlines manager regarding small issues, but that was worth to learn and explore something. In Denmark, I lived on an island called Fyn/Funen which is windy and cold. It was about 12 hours journey via Russia. The route was something like Delhi airport to Sheremetyevo airport to Copenhagen airport to Odense St. I started working the very next day I arrived there. In the company I got an opportunity to work on Web development and team management skills. I worked with other international interns, Paul from Greece and Marius from Romania. Paul taught me a lot of things about Greek culture like fotia me fotia 🙂 They are my very good friends. I also found a new hobby DJing which I used to do on weekends in our house parties sometimes and once in a bar. I got some very good friends like Calle, Georgi, Elena, Ieva, Edgar, Laura, Crille, Annina, Rokas, Peteris, Clemo, Dexter, Aleks, Alexandra, Tony, Daniels, Bjarne, Peter, Ronja, Glory, Liz, Bob, Dimitris, Catharina, Alex, McCullen, Jayi, Dragos, Ulari, Mariah, Irene, Toms, Giota, Tamas,
Anturia, Mazvydas, Torben, Marta, Gizem, Mai mi, Rolands. Love you all guys !!

●The best moment there
I receive a call from our CEO in the morning saying “hey Anvar! Our Olufbagersgaard customer wants the project ready before 1 pm today instead of next week. They want to launch it in a reception event today. Can you do it?”. My reply “Sure. I will try my best.” I relaxed myself and took a cup of hot black coffee. I did it halfan hour before the deadline and rewarded with an appraisal 😉

●About Danish food, language, houses, climate, transport?

Well I got a treat from the company side on my arrival and it was totally Danish food. It was fish cooked in spinach served with rice and sauce. They eat less spicy, simple, fresh food and I liked it. The Danes speak Danish as their first language but they also speak perfect English and government offer free classes for internationals. The houses are mostly hut shaped, detached, low height, wooden with energy efficient technologies. We used to live in a big villa like this. For Indians, the climate there will always be cold because summers for them is like winters for us. Danes love riding bikes (bi cycles, yes Danes use the word bike to refer to bicycles). The transport timings are accurate by 1 minute so may be a problem for us Indians 😉

●the support I got from college
Motivation was an important factor and that’s what Ravi Sir gave me, our department coordinator at that time. I would like to thank our HOD, Dean who finally allowed me to carry on this internship for 4 months. Also thanks to the subject faculty who cooperated with me during my stay.