3 Hurdles You Should Prepare Yourself For Your Next Internship Search

1. The ‘Ignorance’ Hurdle

If you don’t have a habit to get ignored, learn it because you won’t be getting replies for majority of your internship applications. This might make you upset or even bring complete melt down of your self confidence.

‘I think the rules for a good communication and collaboration just lies inside the offices premises of a company and people who boast of having excellent communication skills, they surely have that! but for their customers & colleagues only.

Comparing rejections and ignorance. If you are thinking about rejections, they are good because at least they tell us to move forward and improve our self. But not hearing any thing from the Human Resources/ HR (or any fancy name) or the people you contacted makes it more worst. So don’t get offended if you write to someone and don’t get a reply.

Let’s get demotivate further :D, there will be times, when you will apply your best in following up a person or a company. You will try every possible way to impress them. You will try extra-ordinary things like sending hand written letters to everyone at the office from your country to theirs and you won’t get a SINGLE reply. Yes, not a single one from any! Now here, you can think of two things, either you did some mistakes in the process or the people at the office were fu**** up. Just think the later because it gives relax.  (which can increase your confidence too ). or you can just think they don’t deserve you!

Fun part: How to take revenge: Just take an example of a student who makes dozens of calls for follow up, and gets one cold call after a month from that respective company. Wouldn’t it be a fun to grab that opportunity, work hard a bit for it and make it to the last round of interview, and at last say to the company “You are not worth me, I am not interested in you”. Wow!

These days why it’s that we students beg for internships and crawl around recruiters creating new stories every time. We should be honest from within not just to impress them or grab the opportunity to maintain our self-respect.


2. The ‘Language’ Hurdle

This generally happens in the Europe. They always want to keep English as the second language. Yes, now you got it. You don’t just have to learn their language they deal in but you should be knowing the basics of their languages before even applying for an internship. So, please make a country your target for your next internship, learn the basics of their language. You can use the app Duolingo, YouTube videos or take some language classes in your local areas. Big languages such as French, German, Spanish etc. they are generally taught in every part of the world. So learn them for a plus point or at least to become eligible to be a part of their process.

Example: If you don’t know Danish, applying for a local company for a position which deals with customers and real life situations, then chances are higher they won’t even look at your application.

3. The ‘Immigration’ Hurdles

Politics and country relations have influenced the visa or immigration process. Just getting an internship doesn’t mean you finished all you challenges in your path. Immigration policies of some countries are strict for each other.

Generally in my opinion, if you are heading from a developed nation to developing one things are easier but vice versa is opposite.

Example: Going from the USA to the India, or from France to India for an internship (although very less students do this), but the process is easier, but the vice versa is different. More than 25 percent of the applications for tourist visa from India to the US are denied, hearing from a few of my friends regarding the challenges in getting visa for an education in the US is  also difficult, getting for an internship I think is almost same.

If you are from war countries or poor countries example: Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or simple say Middle East, African countries except South Africa, South East Asia- things are going to be difficult. Just think you are the best student in your region but from the above mentioned countries and want to go to the US/UK or some premium countries in the EU like Liechtenstein, Switzerland etc., things should be difficult for you. Want to the countries which have the best relations with your countries, search for Visa-Waiver countries corresponding to your country.

My experience case: After going through the online application process of an Intern J-1 Visa for the US, I came to know how much different it was for the same thing for Denmark. In a nutshell, the US visa tried to get a lot of and a lot of information about you and your employer.  They also have a lot of rules and regulations and conditions, lot of means lots of. On the other hand, Danish visa (PR3) for an internship is quite simple. Just a contract letter from the company you are being invited to and filled application form, and some supporting documents and it’s good! I also happen to get a Business Visitor visa for the UK last year. I got them in just one shot! Thanks to the God. I think I got the idea for my next post where I will share some tips on how to get these visas in the first try.

The best thing is that one should try at their best specially for visa permits because rejection will affect your joining time at the company, wastage of resources (intern visas are expensive, for the US visa the fee depends upon the number of intern months but should be around ~1200USD, for Denmark I think it’s fixed around ~800USD), affect your immigration reputation (as you might have to declare in some documents regarding the visa you were last denied for which is not a plus point.).

Well, despite any goods or bads, just don’t stop because you will learn and beat the challenges with your experience 🙂

if these words, doesn’t work, please read my last post ‘Are you Lucky?’ to get a boost!